Executive Search Methodology

Experienced, Thorough, Dedicated.

Insight Executive Search
Insight Executive Search


Understand Client Needs

We begin each search by speaking with the members of the Search Committee to fully understand the organizational culture, mission, focus, current work, strategic goals and qualities of the ideal candidate.

Advice will be provided regarding the content, structure and goals of the position description.


Identify, Vet and Present Candidates

We pride ourselves in our ability to present targeted resumes within a short time. Our extensive data base enables us to immediately begin recruitment. As we network from our existing data base, we simultaneously identify additional candidates to add to the recruitment network.

We are experts in research, employing advanced internet research methodology while also pouring over conference proceedings, journals, publications, associations, contract and grant recipients, staff directories and more.

Our matrixed team-oriented approach enables us to network with a large pool of candidates, quickly generating a strong selection of candidates for our clients to interview.

Insight Executive Search
Insight Executive Search


Work Hand in Hand

The Search Committee will be regularly informed of the search status, resumes presented and candidate developments. Regular search status reports will be submitted throughout the course of the search to keep the client closely abreast of search progress.

Regular conference calls can be scheduled to discuss search status and progress.

An online portal/electronic notebook can be made accessible with up to date developments, information and resumes received and presented.


Interview Process and Candidate Acceptance

Throughout the search, assistance will be provided regarding the scheduling, coordination and logistics of interviews. We will debrief both candidate and client following interviews with appropriate “next-steps” suggested throughout the interview process.

Advice will be provided as needed regarding interview questions, interview process, goals for each interview and best practices. Assistance and advice will be provided regarding employment offer and acceptance. Our goal is to provide the best candidate to fill our client’s needs.

Insight Executive Search
Insight Executive Search