The Strength of an Organization is its People

We are committed to diversity in our recruitment and are experts in building a diverse candidate pool.

Years of experience and years of success.

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Diverse perspectives in the workplace fuel the creative process and drive innovations that lead to increased success, productivity, and accountability.

Diversity in the workplace enables employees to glean new awareness that fosters collaboration and teamwork. Diversity is not only important within an organization but has a profound effect on the growth of society.

Insight Executive Search
Insight Executive Search

Insight Executive Search has extensive experience recruiting and placing professionals from diverse backgrounds.

We are committed to diversity in our recruitment and have placed numerous candidates from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to senior leadership and research positions.

Our recruitment methodology is designed to develop a highly-qualified and diverse candidate pool reflecting our commitment to building diversified work environments.  This is vital to our clients and a principal reason they retain our services.

Trusted by our Clients

“I was very happy with Insight Executive Search. Aaron Schmidt built a great and diverse pool, was very persuasive in getting people into the pool and helping us with the evaluation, interviewing and, later, hiring process. We are extremely pleased with the person we hired.”


Linda Darling-Hammond EdD- President and CEO
Learning Policy Institute

Insight Executive Search