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Insight Executive Search has identified and secured leading, impactful and effective leaders for leading non-profit organizations.

Our searches range from executive leadership and senior management to research and policy experts.

The organizational structure of a non-profit can lead to a complicated hiring process, involving not just the leadership of the organization, but its search committee and/or board members, who may get involved at various levels or stages of the search process. We’re primed to expertly navigate such complexities.

The Search Project Director will consult with the members of the Search Committee so as to fully understand the organizational culture, mission, focus, current work and strategic goals of the organization. In addition, the Director will speak with the various decision makers, verifying that all parties are “on the same page” in regards the qualities of the ideal candidate.

We take a hands-on approach in every stage of the process, enabling the search to be brought to a successful conclusion.


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