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Time is valuable and organizations want to gain the most from each interview. Focused interview questions are an effective means to make this happen.

Objective and Outcome: Questions need to have a desired objective and outcome. At Insight Executive Search we have extensive experience in the design of interview questions which provide insight into the candidate’s interests, motivations, personality, character, capabilities, experience and skill set.

In addition, when the interviewer knows the desired objective and outcome of each question, the interviewer will be more adept in regards: 1. Assessing whether the candidate will be the right fit for the position; 2. Asking follow-up questions to better understand the candidate’s character and suitability for the position.


Question: After reviewing the position description what motivated you to consider exploring this opportunity?

Objective and Outcome:

The simple goal of this question is to understand what interests the candidate about the position.

However, the candidate’s answer will also provide a window into what motivates and what is important to the candidate. This deeper insight is helpful in assessing whether the candidate will be a good fit for the organization as a whole.


Question: What would you like to find in your next position? And, alternatively, what would you like to avoid in your next position?

Objective and Outcome:

On the surface, this question enables the client to assess if their environment will be a good fit for the candidate.

However, the candidate’s answer also provides insight regarding: 1. what the candidate does and does not like; 2. whether the candidate’s personality will mesh with the other members of the organization.

Questions which address the candidate’s experience and skill set in regards the specific position are also designed to elicit insightful information about the candidate’s background.

At Insight Executive Search we provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to ask focused goal-oriented questions. These questions are extremely effective in enabling a client to assess if the candidate will be appropriate for the position.


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