Leaders in Non-Profit & Research and Evaluation Recruitment

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a central focus of our recruitment. This is vital to our clients and a principal reason they retain our services.”

Aaron Schmidt, President and CEO

Focus area

Insight Executive Search secures professionals for leading non-profit & research and evaluation organizations.


Insight Executive Search has identified and secured leading, impactful and effective leaders for leading non-profit organizations. Our searches range from executive leadership and senior management to research and policy experts.

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Foundations and Associations

Foundations and Associations have unique hiring concerns, whether seeking to fill a position in executive leadership, research, or a content area specialist. Extensive experience leading executive searches has enabled us to gather a wealth of knowledge particular to working with foundations and associations.

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Research and Evaluation Organizations

At Insight Executive Search, we are experts at identifying research and evaluation professionals and have performed searches for the leading research organizations in the nation. Years of experience leading searches for both non-profit and for-profit research institutes has made us aware and sensitive of the unique needs of our clients in the research arena.

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For-Profit Sector

Insight Executive Search performs searches for research management, policy experts, economics and finance professionals and subject matter experts. We work with clients in the life sciences, human services, education and consulting industries.

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Examples of

Our Clients

Examples of

Areas of Expertise

Insight Executive Search has one central focus: placing leading professionals and researchers for the nation’s foremost non-profit and for-profit organizations. Our expertise spans a broad array of content areas.


Insight Executive Search understands the needs of our clients in the healthcare industry and has successfully completed searches for the nation’s most renowned healthcare research organizations.

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We have recruited extensively in the education arena, whether it be for a research institute, university, education organization, or think tank. We maintain extensive networks of nationally-recognized experts and education leaders.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In our many years of searching and recruiting res Insight Executive Search has extensive experience placing professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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Executive Leadership

Insight Executive Search has extensive experience identifying and placing executive leadership with a wide range of organizations throughout the nation.

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Big Data/Data Analytics

With the surge of demand for data science and data analytics practitioners, Insight Executive Search is uniquely positioned to place qualified candidates with advanced data skills.

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Behavioral Science and Technology

Our experience with social science research and technology places us in an ideal position to fill our client’s needs in the behavioral science and technology arena.

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Universities and Affiliated Research Centers

Insight Executive Search is experienced in identifying Professors, senior research leaders and executive management for universities and university affiliated research centers. We have extensive networks of nationally recognized academics throughout the nation.

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Public Policy

Insight Executive Search has recruited policy experts for the most prominent institutes in the nation and maintains a wide network of contacts of nationally-recognized policy experts, academics, senior scientists and executive management.

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Human Services

Insight Executive Search has a deep knowledge-base in the human services industry. We have successfully worked with a variety of sectors including foundations, non-profits and research institutes.

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Through the positive use of communications society is able to enhance life experiences both on an individual and group level. Insight Executive Search has successfully identified candidates with experience in communications in a wide range of different fields.

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Fundraising and Development

Insight Executive Search has identified and recruited many highly-regarded Fundraising and Development professionals; individuals with a track record of generating significant contributions in both grants and private charitable donations.

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Insight Executive Search has extensive networks and has placed leading economic experts within the nation’s top research centers, both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

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Trusted by our clients

Thank you and your team for the excellent recruitment work. This was a much more seamless and easy process than I’ve experienced in a while. The only challenge I had this time around was grappling with the final decision as we had two very good candidates based on your team’s very good vetting process. I really appreciated the organized approach and responsiveness, which gave me time to focus primarily on evaluation.   Should we need this level of support for recruitment in the future, I’m happy to recommend your team as a resource.

Alex Pennington


Insight Executive Search did an excellent job of helping us fill two senior research positions. Our own recruitment efforts did not provide the same caliber of candidates that Insight was able to give us. Aaron also provided great guidance and advice throughout the entire recruitment and hiring process. Committee for Children would be happy to work with Insight Executive Search in the future.

Tia Kim, Ph.D. – Vice President of Education, Research & Impact

Committee for Children

After 5 months of searching ourselves to no effect, we brought on Insight Executive Search to help with this difficult search. Aaron and his team were very fast to understand our unique requirements and immediately started producing excellent potential candidates that we never would have found on our own. We at Hopelab would happily work with Aaron and his team again for future senior research roles.

Brian Rodriguez, Senior Manager, People and Culture


The search was for a major leadership position in the specialized area early childhood development. I went with Insight because of their past focus on similar or related positions, and I was not disappointed at all with my decision! Insight, and particularly its CEO Aaron Schmidt, carried out the search with great care and attention to my requirements and to matching my needs with possible candidates.

David Danahar

Interim Executive Director, Picard Center, University of Louisiana

I have worked extensively with Aaron at Insight Executive Search to hire a senior person in the health services field. What worked exceptionally well with Aaron was our continuous communication to refine the characteristics of the candidate we were seeking. Knowing what we wanted, Aaron worked tirelessly searching the field for the right person and right fit. He sourced many excellent people and we finally found a stellar person who is taking hold in our organization and doing excellent work. Thank you, Aaron

Cheryl Joan Vince- Senior Vice President

American Institutes for Research

I was very happy with Insight Executive Search.  Aaron Schmidt built a great and diverse pool, was very persuasive in getting people into the pool and helping us with the evaluation, interviewing and, later, hiring process. We are extremely pleased with the person we hired.

Linda Darling-Hammond EdD- President and CEO

Learning Policy Institute