Position Filled:  Director of Research and Education

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), a private, scientific, educational, and charitable organization in its 80th year, engaged Insight Executive Search to identify a senior research leader for the position of Director of Research and Education.  

“AIER engaged Insight Executive Search for what we anticipated would be an especially challenging search, due to a combination of specialized job requirements, locational challenges and unique institutional characteristics,” said Stephen Adams, President of AIER.   The Director of Research and Education (DRE) is an executive level role within AIER and is responsible for the research and educational activities of the Institute, including publications; reports to the Board on such activities; chairs the faculty; and carries out the duties of an absent President.

“This was a very unique search,” recalls Aaron Schmidt, President of Insight Executive Search.  “We needed to identify a candidate with extensive knowledge and experience in the study of economics, finance and related fields, but also leadership abilities needed to build and refine a complementary team of research and related staff skilled in the work of the Institute.  In this case, it was particularly important that the candidate had not only directed projects, but also had led previously a good size research group.  Adding to the complexity, the candidate would need to relocate to Great Barrington, MA.”

Throughout the course of the search, Insight Executive Search reached out to 356 senior researchers; candidates who were either appropriate for the position or able to recommend other research leaders who would be appropriate for the position.  This process resulted in 92 resumes.  The search team closely evaluated each and those that appeared appropriate were scheduled for a second conversation, this time with the Search Director.  16 candidates were appropriate to be presented to AIER’s own internal search committee and of those 16 candidates presented six were chosen to be interviewed by the Institute.

During the course of the search, regular search status reports were presented by Insight Executive Search to update the client on the team’s progress.  Periodic conference calls were conducted, including a conference call midway through the search with all five members of AIER’s search committee.  

Ultimately, Dr. Rosalind Greenstein, Ph.D., with experience in applied economics, research, management, policy, and teaching, was selected to be AIER’s new Director of Research and Evaluation.  Previously, she was the founding chair of the Department of Economic and Community Development at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and worked for DRI/McGraw-Hill as a senior economist in the regional information service. Over the course of her career, Dr. Greenstein has advised policy makers at the state and federal level and taught graduate students at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Clark University, Jackson State University in Mississippi, and Tufts University.

“Insight Executive Search indeed delivered a very successful result in introducing us to Rosalind Greenstein and managed to professionally navigate a complicated set of institutional necessities along the way,” said Stephen Adams, President of AIER.