Objective, reliable and useful information. The American Institute for Economic Research provides independent research and critical analysis of economic and financial issues. AIER researchers provide ordinary people with expert advice and insight they can use to improve their lives and communities.

“For more than 80 years, the American Institute for Economic Research has done a highly credible job tracking U.S. Business cycles.”
–Archie Richards, “Money Matters” columnist
Business-Cycle Analysis
For more than 80 years, AIER has analyzed business cycles, the recurrent phases of expansion and contraction of business activity, more commonly known as boom and bust. Recessions affect everyone, and everyone wants to know where the economy is heading. By analyzing selected economic series, we have developed statistical indicators that help forecast turning points in the economy just prior to or shortly after their occurrence, as well as longer term trends. Every month we make this analysis available to policy makers and the general public.

Inflation & Money
A monetary system that preserves purchasing power, and therefore the viability of the currency as a medium of exchange, is a cornerstone of a modern market economy. We believe our research can help America—and the rest of the world—use sound monetary policy that will benefit everyone.

Economic Education
AIER provides education in the fields of economics and financial literacy to people of all ages, as well as to post-graduate economics students who will help carry us forward as future economists at universities, corporations, and governments.