At Insight Executive Search, our mission is to identify, screen and secure top executives and research professionals for the world’s leading research and non-profit organizations.  For years, our clients have relied on our integrity and high standard of excellence to recruit skilled and effective professionals for a wide-range of leadership and research positions.  Certainly, our established network of candidates is an added-value to our clients, but we attribute our success in large part to the sincerity and meticulous efforts of our team.  

We are very informed, knowledgeable, and well-versed in the following sectors: Economics, Education, Fundraising and Development, Healthcare, Human Services, Public Policy, Statistics, Survey Research, Workforce and Community Development. Within these sectors, we are engaged by the nation’s leading research firms, associations, foundations, and non-profit organization Our clients span the nation: from Ann Arbor to Research Triangle Park from Massachusetts to Menlo Park from Washington, D.C. to Kansas City. Our clients and, thus our candidate pool, extends throughout the United States.

Insight Executive Search’s extensive network of contacts, as well as our intimate knowledge of our focused sectors and our team-oriented approach enable us to successfully recruit and place senior scientists, principal investigators, scholars, researchers, directors of development, and executive leadership for our clients.

Our time-tested and proven methodology:

  • Efficiently research and identify experienced candidates within and outside our network
  • Quickly, but carefully narrow interested parties into finalists
  • Furnish our clients with a pool of potential candidates
  • Manage, if necessary, complex negotiations
  • Close client searches with positive results and high levels of satisfaction

Our work always begins and ends with people – people seeking change, people seeking growth, people seeking opportunities.  To that end, we’ve learned that trust in us, our approach, and our competence goes a long way to developing and maintaining long-term relationships. Our clients return to Insight Executive Search again and again because we listen to, address, and honor our client’s individual needs, no matter how seemingly challenging, no matter how big or small.  Likewise, we get to know potential candidates carefully during the screening process, so we can achieve maximum results for all parties.


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