Career Opportunity: Senior Survey Researcher- VA, DC, MA, NC, CA, IL, MA

The current opening for a senior survey researcher is to conduct survey research in all policy areas, including international work.  The current staff of survey researchers includes professionals with doctoral- and master’s-level degrees in survey methodology, behavioral and social sciences, and public policy.


  • Manage multiple complex projects simultaneously, which includes designing/modifying project plans, monitoring budgets, and managing external/internal relationships and multi-functional project teams.
  • Design and direct survey research projects, data collection, analysis, and reporting
    • Develop quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments
    • Direct proposals
    • Represent in journals, conferences, and congressional testimony.


  • Ph.D. in the social sciences, statistics, or a related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5-15 years experience in positions of responsibility a related field; experience should include designing and directing large-scale data collection projects as well as developing proposals.
  • Advanced knowledge, based on broad experience in the field of survey research including a understanding of at least one policy or methodological area.
  • Has publications in that area.

For more information please contact:

Ari Ayares, Vice President
(949) 271-2526